Family start-up loan?

Preparations for starting a family in terms of future parenthood await each of us at a certain age and belong to the natural development of any serious partnership.

Today, the age limit of first-time mothers is moving higher, and the most common reason is the lack of time associated with building a professional career and the effort to save the iron reserve for expenses associated with the arrival of another small family member to the household.

Considerable financial expenditure


However, this coin has two sides: from a logical point of view, it is a sensible step, because starting a family is associated with considerable financial expenditure and it is good to prepare for it in advance. That is the positive side. The averted one represents an increased risk of problems with natural conception and proper delivery of the fetus, the probability of which increases with the mother’s age.

At the same time, this trend is on the rise, and more and more promising mothers are ending up in medical centers dedicated to artificial insemination.

Not under all circumstances is this procedure covered by health insurance companies. In this case, if you find yourself in the role of a self-payer, it probably doesn’t make sense to talk about the fact that this is a significant financial burden.

In the next lines of this article, we will focus on these two life situations – the birth of a child and attempts to conceive with the help of assisted reproduction and the associated expenses – so read on.

TIP: Whatever your worries – whether positively, associated with buying equipment for a small crumb, or, unfortunately, the unpleasant ones associated with the procedure of artificial insemination – we appeal that it is always best to prepare financially for these eventualities in advance from own resources.

But the reality is that not everyone and not everything can always be saved, especially in today’s difficult times! If this is also your case, do not hang your head and try to apply for a non-purpose loan within 24 hours by filling out the online form. It only takes a few minutes and the money can land in your account on the next business day!

Baby equipment will cost a thousand USD


A new member of your growing family is still small, but the money that his arrival from the maternity ward will take out of your budget once is definitely not small! Let’s calculate a little together so you can form your own opinion:

  • Stroller – from about 250 USD to 800 USD
  • Car seat (egg) – 40 to 50 USD
  • Cot – 50 to 80 USD
  • Equipment for the cot – about 50 USD
  • Changing mat – 15 to 20 USD
  • Bathtub – 10 USD
  • Basic equipment – clothing – about 200 USD
  • Disposable diapers – about 50 USD per month
  • Baby milk – about 50 USD per month
  • Total equipment – from 700 to 1300 USD

To cover these necessary expenses, you can primarily use the state allowance at the birth of a child, which you can apply for at the local employment, social affairs, and family office.

What the state pays for:


Amount of childbirth allowance for 2015:

  • USD 829.86 in the case of a child born from the first to third births who have lived for at least 28 days
  • USD 151.37 in the case of a child born from the fourth and subsequent births or in the case of a child from the first to the third birth who has not survived 28 days
  • Attention : The allowance can be paid only after the birth of a child. So if you want to buy children’s equipment in advance, which is probably the most sensible solution, you can’t count on money from the state. The solution can be an online loan within 24 hours, with which you can easily bridge this “deaf” period.
  • If you apply for the allowance and prove that the conditions for entitlement to the allowance are met before 28 days after the birth of the child , the Office can pay you an allowance of 151.37 USD and pay the difference up to 829.86 USD after 28 days of the child’s life.

As you can see, the amount of this state-guaranteed contribution is basically optimal and, ideally, it should be enough for you to get your children everything they need to get off to life. Unfortunately, however, circumstances do not always – and the rule even rarely does – evolve exactly according to the planned scenario.

You may also be hit by completely unexpected expenses, especially in this most inconvenient period!

The childbirth allowance does not even have time to warm up properly on the account and will disappear for the urgent “slicing of the holes”, as you do not have any savings or any financial reserve for worse times. However, the baby also does not wait and it is not possible to work without you buying everything you need.

The solution is an online loan within 24 hours


But where to get the money for it? You can apply for a standard non-purpose consumer loan at a bank, but the approval process, including verifying your creditworthiness and checking credit registers, can take too long. However, you do not have time to wait and you need money almost immediately!

The solution is an online loan within 24 hours from one of the non-banking companies, which is completely purposeless and its equipment is without unnecessary bureaucracy and, most importantly, as fast as possible!

You can get up to 5,000 USD of money for the equipment for your grandmother only with the help of your mobile phone and computer with an internet connection in literally a few minutes. Under favorable circumstances, you can have money in your account within 24 hours!

TIP: Not all non-banking companies have a 100% reputation, and you may be worried that you may run into unfavorable loan conditions.

We have good news for you: if you apply for a loan through our online form, you can be sure that you will only communicate with fair and reputable partners. We have checked all the non-banknotes we work with for you, and you can safely throw the fear of dishonesty behind your head!

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